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“Freight demand is rising, rates are soaring and truck sales are at their best level in years!”   FleetOwner.com

Why Trucking in 2018?

“The trucking industry has seen robust growth coming out of 2017. The market is at nearly full active truck capacity, truck orders are continuing to rise, and spot market rates have soared for the past year…”    Trucks.com

$4000+ /Month Net Profit?

Yes, our clients achieve a net profit of $4000+ per month, per truck in the Big Truck Program.
Our specialty freight client’s trucks earn a net profit of $7,500+ per month, per truck.
The question then becomes . . . How many trucks do you want in your fleet?


Strategic Partnerships

Joint venture with strategic business partners who have years of business, finance and trucking management experiences. Partners who have resources and industry forecasting abilities. We skyrocket our client’s success much faster than their building alone.

Profit Faster

The Big Truck Program is designed to have your truck(s) on the road in up to 60 days. Depending on your specific needs, this includes signing, funding, financing, developing, acquiring, purchasing, hiring and invoicing your first deliveries.

Lower Startup Costs

From financing, business development to our equipment warranties, our goal is to provide our clients peace of mind while their trucks are on the road. Our clients enjoy economies of scale on tires, equipment, insurances, regulatory fees and more.

Flexible Corporate Structures

Start and build a new company, bring your existing company or acquire an Aged corporation. We have solutions! Matched with our ongoing business management and development, our clients can operate their trucking company full time, part time or hands off.

Big Truck Program


Whether you request $25,000 or a few million, the Big Truck Program can provide resources for your personal and/or corporate funding. Personal funding is easier to obtain than corporate funding and is why some clients begin with a signature loan(s). We also have truck financing available for a variety of credit scores.

The Big Truck Program was created to solve the risks of an age old entrepreneur conundrum; how do I ensure that I can service my loan debt from my own business ideas and plans?

We develop the Program’s business plan to ensure your company profits and corporate sustainability. When executed and timed properly, corporate funding happens within months from personal funding. Let’s talk business strategy!

Provide us your contact info, we’ll send you our detailed Big Truck Program PDF then chat with you about your business goals.

Serious Inquiries Only!


  • DOT Cert and Own Authority. Not needed with our program, however available.
  • Corporate Tax Services.
  • Corporate Build Out – Trade References, Aged Corp Acquisition, Business Development.
  • Marketing, Web Development, Social Media, Virtual Assistants.


There are a lot of options with the Big Truck Program and an initial conversation is in order. Do you need funding? Do you have a corporate structure? How’s your or your PG’s credit? Do you have your own trucks? Are there fees?

There are 5 steps in getting started with the Big Truck Program:

  1. Take Action – Enter your correct contact information above to request an emailed PDF copy of the Big Truck Program Info Deck.
  2. Reply to the SMS text verification.
  3. Receive and Read the BTP PDF Info Deck.
  4. Schedule a Phone Call with one of our Coordination Directors.
  5. Take Action – Nothing happens without Action!

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